February | Week 1 | Godot Engine

This month I've deciced to create some type of 2D game in the Godot game engine. I've been following the development of Godot for a few years but the thing that have kept me from trying it out, properly, is that the only way to script game was through GDScript.
GDScript is scripting language specifically created for Godot and it's designed to look like... python, I do not like python. I want my curly braces {} <3.

BUT in Godot 3 they've finally implemented support for, not only, C#, but also C++ Scripting. Both are language I already know a bit and want to know better, so it'll be a good match.
I looked into some other engines as well such as unity & unreal engine but both have lackluster support on Linux which is what I'm using as OS on my computer at the moment.

Furthermore Godot Engine is a fully open source which is something I'd like to support, so if I like Godot after this month and want to use it in the future my goal is to donate to the project through money and also time if I'm able to help in some way.

This week will be spent getting to know the engine, going through a few tutorials and reading the documentation. Next sunday I intend to have a rough concept of the game I want to have made before the month is over, we'll see how that goes...


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