February | Week 2 | My first game!

It didn't start out great.
I spent the first few days just trying to get mono to work properly in the engine. The issue was that Godot didn't work with the latest version of mono ( which was released just after Godot 3 was ), so I had to spend a few hours just figuring that out and then I decided to downgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 ( LTS ) to avoid having to build Mono myself.

But, I still managed to get a few dev hours in on my macbook and the end result is that I managed to create a Game called "Dodge the creeps"

The game concept and code is provided by Godot as a tutorial to learn the engine and is available here.
The only difference is that since I decided to use C# instead of GDScript I had to convert all the code to C#, which meant that I ran into some bumps because the documentation is somewhat lacking in some areas. For example in the "Differences from GDScript" docs they say.

Random functions like rand_range and rand_seed are located under Random, so use Random.RandRange instead of rand_range.

There is no such method at all in C#, so you have to write the code yourself, which is fine but confusing when the docs say otherwise.

Regardless I found the engine a joy to work in once I got everything up and running. I found the way that you create scenes for each part of the game and combine everything in a main scene was really nice and logical so I'm excited to get started on my own game! Hopefully I will have something to show off next week :)


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