December 9, 2016 · programming fractal-tree

Fractal Tree

Recently I wanted to try the System programming language Rust again, I tried it a few months ago ( creating a simple Pong game available @GitHub ) but I created anything serious, so I figured it was time to... create a fractal tree(?).

A Fractal tree is basically a simple tree that is generated programmatically, so again, nothing serious but a fun little challenge with a lot of possibilities to improve/change/add features.
I've made two implementations that can be found on GitHub, RustFractalTree & TypeScriptFractalTree.

You can also the the TypeScriptFractalTree in this JSFiddle

It was a fun, simple little challenge that I think I will use when trying out different languages - it's not particularly complicated and you can get something up and running very quickly which, if you're like me, is a good thing when there are a billion different things you want to test every day.