January | Summary | ThreeJSFractalTree

January is coming to a close so It's time to move on to something else.
I spent a few hours, since the last post, trying to implement an actual 3D Fractal Tree instead of the 2D one that I posted about last, it did not end well.

I got, something, to show on the screen but it wasn't really what I wanted, it became just another layer of a 2D tree and at the end of day the truth is that I don't know the math required to create the 3D FractalTree that I wanted. I spent 30 minutes just playing with the values before coming to the conclusion that I won't be able to get it to where I want it.
It also started to use quite a bit of memory...

I did some minor adjustments to the 2D Tree instead and uploaded it to github! See here
As long as you have node 8+ installed it should run just fine :)

The end result is something like this

I will spend the next few days deciding on what I will be working on in February and I will attempt to post weekly progress on Sundays.


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